All orders are processed at the end of the day. Depending on the product ordered, the package may be shipped out the next business day. Extractors and Ovens may require an additional 24 to 48 hours to process.
Shippers such as USPS and FedEx have the brokerage fees built into their price. 

*Canadian customers with the option to use UPS:
  • Note: We are part of the UPS e-Tailer Brokerage Program for individuals to lower the consumer brokerage fees (Excludes Business Addresses). For details on shipping and brokerage fees please view our company's shipping page.
  • UPS will charge Canadian customers a brokerage fee upon arrival. 
*International customers:
  • Note: Those who refuse to pay duties, taxes, and brokerage will result in the package being returned to our facility and the return shipping charges will be witheld from your refund.
  • USPS, FedEx, and UPS DO NOT include duties and taxes for international customers. Customers receiving a UPS package will need to pay brokerage fees, duties, and taxes to accept the package. 
PO Box:
If we are provided a PO box, we will ship your parcel with USPS Parcel Select mail, which is 2-9 business days at least, unless priority postal services are selected and paid for.
To prevent shipping issues, any address that is provided with a box number may be shipped with the US Postal Service regardless of the carrier that is chosen at checkout.
UPS and FedEx do not deliver to most boxes and/or PO Boxes therefore; we reserve the right to ship via US Postal Service.
If we must change the carrier and ship with USPS as a result of using a box or PO box, additional funds will likely be required. PO boxes are 2x more expensive to ship to than a standard hard address. These decisions are at our discretion.

All orders must be inspected for accuracy and claims must be filed within 3 business days. Failure to do so may require that the missing parts are repurchased.

Signature REQUIRED for the following:

  • Orders over $250 (or local currency equivalent, including shipping tax) or more, be sure you have proof of shipment. (At our discretion)
  • All Butane, Whip it, or Puretane. (Adult Signature over 21yrs of age)
  • Delivery to a business/company.
  • Delivery to an apartment, suit, or unit.
  • All expedited orders.

For Payments Over $250: (or local currency equivalent, including shipping and tax)
Be sure that you have SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION OF DELIVERY in addition to proof of shipment.


Paypal eChecks: Any payment made through paypal eChecks to Best Value Vacs may take up to 3-6 business days to clear the bank. Until then Best Value Vacs WILL NOT ship any items or provide any services to the customer (This is the guidline provided by PAYPAL When using paypal eChecks the customer acknowledges this time period for the check to clear. If you don't want to wait 3-6 business days to receive the eCheck, you can cancel it by clicking Cancel Payment under the transaction details. (Note: expedited shipping DOES NOT affect this 3-6 day period for the check to clear and will not be refunded to the customer.)


Note: We may require direct signature on purchases greater than $250 at our discretion.

Shipping Hours:
Our shipping Hours are Monday- Friday 9AM-2PM Daily. Orders for Express, Next Day, or any expedited services will not ship until the next business day. UPS Last Pickup from our warehouse is 3PM Central Time. USPS pickup is 11AM daily. So plan accordingly.


Time-in-transit notes:

  • On UPS holidays: Nov 24th, Dec 25th/26th, Jan 1st/2nd. 
  • There is NO movement of ANY package tendered to UPS


Additional time-in-transit:

  • From Nov 21st thru Dec 30th
  • A limited number of UPS Ground and UPS Standard packages, with transit times of 3+ Days, and with specifica origins and destinations will require an additional day in transit. All UPS 3 Day select shipments tendered Dec. 19-20 will require an additional day in transit.

Additional Product Shipping Notes:

  • We advertise the voltage of all vacuum pumps, heat pads, and ovens. We will ship dual voltage appliances if advertised and when available.
  • It is the CUSTOMER'S RESPONSIBILITY to know what voltage is required on your power grid. We are not liable for original and return shipping charges for items purchased with the wrong voltage. We will also not be liable for any damage to pumps caused from usage of incorrect power inputs and will hold the customer responsible for replacement charges. 
  • Warranties are void on all of our equipment that is used with power converters, or when they come standard as 110/120V power and are used outside the US or Canada. NO EXCEPTIONS. 
  • Note: Owning a power converter does not necessarily mean it can handle the load required to operate our electronics safely.
  • Please inquire with our Customer Support Team at Best Value Vacs prior to purchase to see if we approve the converter.

 Freight Orders: Item's that are shipped via motor freight will be shipped by Best Value Vacs' carrier of choice, which may not be UPS.

  • If an order includes multiple items and the order includes an item that must ship via ground freight. Then all of the order will be shipped together via freight including the small pack items.


Oven and Butane Shipping:
These products are freight ship items and will ship Via UPS ground Freight. Expedited freight can only be calculated by calling customer service (***NOTE: BUTANE AND PROPANE WILL NOT SHIP TO HAWAII OR ALASKA) (331) 281-0154.

All orders with expedited freight through the website will not be honored and will need to be re-quoted.

A valid Phone Number IS REQUIRED to ship, otherwise, UPS freight cannot contact you for a delivery setup window.

Freight Time is 2-7 business days: West Coast 5-7 Days, Midwest 2-3 days, East Cost 3-4 days.

Delayed Shipments:
If the order you have placed is suspected to be fraudulent, it may be delayed until it is determined that purchase is legitimate. This process is at our expense and is performed to protect both the customer and our company. We are sorry for any inconveniences.