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If you are not satisfied with your product, you can return your purchase under the policy stated below for up to 30 days from the date of your delivery.
Shipping and insurance charges are not refundable.
Simply email our customer support team at or Call (331) 281-0154 (M-F 9-5 CST).
There is a 30-day return policy from when the carrier has confirmed delivery to residence to when a return request has been submitted. 
Return policies do not transfer to patrons who are not the purchasing customer unless the items were noted as a gift at checkout. The same applies to warranty cases.
  • Items must be returned in original packaging.
    • Items must be returned unused, in undamaged condition, and free of any signs of usage: such as botanical material, resins, cleaning agents, stickers, decals, etc.
      • Items showing signs of damage, usage, opened packaging, or wear and tear will result in a 25% restocking fee. NO EXCEPTIONS.
        • There is an automatic 15% restocking fee on all items unused and in original packaging unless the items are exchanged for something of equal or lesser value. NO STORE CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN.
          • It is recommended to insure your item against any shipping damage by the carrier. When the delivery date of your return has been confirmed by the carrier, it may take up to 24-72 hours to process the order, inspect the item, and test the item (depending on reason for the return). Once the item has been processed, a refund will be issued for the original purchase price of the item. (Note: a 15% or 25% charge may be applied if the item has been determined as used or damaged).
            • Shipping charges will not be refunded, unless items prove to be defective upon arrival, in which case carrier is responsible for initial shipping charge.
(Note: it may take several additional business days for your Credit Card to show the refund on your account. All payments made using E-checks may take 3-15 business days to be refunded.)
Paramount Financial Returns:
If a customer has purchased an item using the Paramount Financial financing option and wishes to return it, the cost will be refunded by Best Value Vacs; however, Best Value Vacs is NOT obligated to pay any accrued interest or fees owed by the customer through Paramount Financial. 
There is a 30-day exchange period from when the carrier has confirmed delivery to residence to when a exchange request has been submitted.
    • Items must be unused and in brand new condition. You may only exchange for an item of equal or lesser value. NO STORE CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN.
      • The customer is responsible for all exchange shipping charges, unless the exchange results in a defective or damaged item, in which case the customer is responsible for initial shipping charge.
        • All exchanges/ returns will be tested once shipped back to our facility to verify any recorded defects. If defective item is found fully functional, the customer will be responsible for exchange and replacement shipping charges.
        It is recommended that you take photos before sending out any exchanges even if they are brand new. This is for your protection so that you are not held liable for any damage that may occur when shipping an item back. When sending photos, please include the name of the representative with whom you spoke with.
Damaged Shipments:
If an item or packaging is damaged upon arrival, please take photos of damage and email us with in 24hrs for a claim will be filed and replacement to be shipped. When sending photos, please include the name of the representative with whom you spoke with.<
Without photos, replacements/refunds will NOT be issued.
If no claim is filed with in 24hrs, NO ACTION WILL BE TAKEN.
Missing Parts:
There is a 72- hour grace period from when the carrier has confirmed the delivery to residence to report any missing items. Please inspect shipments thoroughly. After initial claim, any further claims will not be honored.
 If you do not report missing items within 72hrs, NO ACTION WILL BE TAKEN. NO EXCEPTIONS.
 Additional Disclaimers:
    • All replacement, defective, and exchange shipments will be shipped under the carrier of our choice. 
      • Expedited shipping will be provided upon request at customer’s expense (customer will pay the difference between ground shipping and whichever expedited shipping option is requested).
        • Note: Damaged/Missing Parts replacement shipments will be shipped with the original shipping option that was paid for initially.
          • Clearance Items: Clearance section items do not qualify for refunds, warranties, or replacements. PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION IN ITEMS WHEN PURCHASING.
Cargo Loss or Damage to Contents

                        Before you sign Bill of Lading & while driver is present, Examine the cargo for the following:
                  • Any VISIBLE damage.
                    • Rectangular-shaped holes where a forklift blade may have penetrated.
                      • Indication that the freight sustained a tip-over or strong impact.
                        • Indication that the freight was dented, opened, or crushed.
                        If you DO  see damage to the Freight:
                          • Write all visible damage on your Bill of Lading. Be as specific as possible. 
                          If you DO NOT  see damage to the Freight:
                      • Sign Bill of Lading where appropriate.
                      After you have signed for your delivery:
                      • If you noted damage on your Bill of Lading, take digital pictures of damaged boxes and products.
                        • Within 48 hours if you find concealed product damage call the freight delivery company immediately.
                          • Note the representative you spoke with and their contact info, date, and time of delivery. 
Freight Disclaimers:
    • Failure to report damage to freight company and request inspection within 2 business days of delivery will waive your right to the replacement of all damaged products.
      • Signing a Bill of Lading without inspecting the freight for damage means you acknowledge receipt of product in good condition.
        • Your signature also means the freight company will use the Bill of Lading you signed to reject any damage claims that Best Value Vacs makes on your behalf.

Contact our Customer Service immediately for assistance:
Phone: (800) 562-7471