Compatibility Explanation:

BestValueVac® Chambers are not compatible with stabilization resin (i.e. Cactus Juice™, Gator Venom™, Minwax™ etc.), alcohol, ethanol, acetone and acrylic based monomers or polymers.The lid may only be cleaned with soapy water.
ShatterVac® chambers are not compatible with stabilization resin (i.e. Cactus Juice™, Gator Venom™, Minwax™ etc.), acetone, acrylic based monomers or polymers. The lid may be cleaned with soapy water and low strength cleaning agents.
GlassVac® chambers are compatible with all solvents and stabilization resins. We only recommend and warranty GlassVac® chambers for resin infusion and wood stabilization.The lid may be cleaned with any solvent or cleaning agent.

Will this vacuum chamber hold a vacuum for an extended period of time?

Yes, Our chamber is rated to lose no more than 2.5inHg over 24hrs.

Are these vacuum chambers safe?

Yes, all of our chambers have been tested to their limits to ensure that they are strong enough for their advertised applications. Acrylic is an inherently strong material, which is why in proper applications, it is bullet resistant much like poly-carbonate. Do not believe claims that poly-carbonate is "Bullet Proof", it is not. Only in proper applications with multiple material laminates can poly-carbonate be considered bullet proof.

Can these chambers be heated?

Yes, many of our customers routinely heat these chambers. The chamber can safely be heated up to 160F, in excess of that the user assumes all risk.

What kind of pump do you recommend for your chamber?

We have paired our chambers with recommended pumps in the products labeled as "kits," but any vacuum pump will work. All of our chambers have been tested up to a 9 CFM Dual Stage.

What if the chamber is shipped to the wrong address?

The customer is solely responsible to ensure their shipping information is correct. We will not be liable for any lost packages. We ship all of our products same day or next day. If the package is already in transit and a change needs to be made before delivery, we will require a $15 rerouting fee or else face a total loss on the purchase.

Who pays import fees and tariffs?

Import fees and tariffs are entirely the customer's responsibility. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what the additional costs will be prior to purchasing our products. Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost.

Is there any assembly required?

Yes, customers will need to remove the protective paper from the lid on arrival, cut the calibration tip off the gauge, and install your gasket. The gasket goes on like a large rubber band. Setup time is about 1 minute.

If you intend to use our systems for pen blank infusion with an acrylic based resin, we recommend our "Glass Vac" chamber designs.

Acrylic based resins will deteriorate polycarbonate and acrylic lids, but will not harm our triple tempered glass lids.

Chambers with pot handles are bench tested in a water bath to ensure that there are no leaks.

If a leak is found, we will seal the rivet with a high temperature sealant compound that does not out-gas under 400f, which exceeds our chambers operational temperature.

All purchases are based on the value of the US Dollar. Conversion rates are not applied at checkout. Conversion rates will be calculated on your statement. Your bank or CC processor is solely liable for the rates that are applied.

Pump Warranty Information

Customers using solvents such as stabilization resins (Cactus Juice™, MinWax™, Gator Venom™ etc.), alcohol and other polar solvents must use the vacuum pumps in conjunction with a cold trap for evacuations in excess of 5 minutes.

If the consumer is using the pump for prolonged periods of time exceeding 5 minutes, we require that a cold trap is used or the pump warranty is void.

These stabilization resins have the ability to break down the internal components of the pump that are plastic resulting in a seized motor voiding all warranties.

When evacuation exceeds 5 minutes, these solvents begin to vaporize and then re-condense in the vacuum pump reservoir. Once enough solvent re-condenses in the pump displacing the oil, the plastic internal components may begin to warp, melt, or seize. The use of a cold trap will condense the vapors prior to making their way to the vacuum pump preventing pump damage due to excessive use. Furthermore, Minwax Wood Hardener™ is not to be used with any vacuum pumps, EVER. (A seized motor will result within the first use.)

To prevent these issues from happening to your process, change the Oil after each vacuum pump use, Even if the use time is only 5min.